Hot Stone Massage

Experience the ULTIMATE in Luxurious Relaxation. Hot Stones Massage will melt away all your cares and stresses with the delicious warmth of heated basalt stones.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage:

  • Helps Relieve Pain, Stiffness and Muscle Spasms
  • Heat Helps To Relax Tense Muscles
  • Induces a State of Deep Relaxation the Relieves Stress
  • Creates a Feeling of Peacefulness and Spiritual Well-being
  • Helps to Release Toxins From The Body Through Increased Lymph Flow

What Your Appointment will Look Like:

smooth basalt stones are heated in hot water and placed on specific points of the body, including the palms, back and between the toes. The direct heat relaxes muscles, expands blood vessels and sedates the nervous system to allow more effective massage strokes. The stones themselves may also be used to stroke the body with gentle pressure. Cold marble stones may be used on areas of muscular injury or inflammation.

Hot Basalt Stones Massage Therapy

Back, Neck and Shoulders (30 mins) $49.00

Full Body hot stone therapy (1 hr.) $89.00


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